Very impressed with Dr. Heidi and her compassion regarding her patients. As a RN I immediately recognized the cleanliness of her office, and her attention to the smallest detail involved in my care. Stephanie at the front desk is a model of what a new and returning patient should encounter when entering Dr. Heidi’s office. Her smie is heart warming!
I strongly recommend Dr. Heidi Pickering DC for all of you and your family’s Chiropractic needs.
Respectfully submitted,Bonnie Parrish RN; M.Ed. & Robert Parrish Detective TPD (retired)
Dr Heidi,

Thank you so much for the wonderful and very effective treatment! I feel better now than before the accident as a result. I am a believer in chiropractic care and plan to continue as a wellness patient.

You and your team are the best!!Marilyn 04/05/2016

Dr. Heidi once again came through for me in an emergency situation. I woke up in the middle of the night in excruciating debilitating pain. I spoke with her first thing in the morning and explained my symptoms: unable to sit or stand up straight, pain upon deep breath, and unable to “get dressed appropriately”. She knew right away it was a rib problem. The office worked me in right away and Dr. Heidi was able to reset the rib back into place. She checked it twice to make sure it didn’t slip back out and explained that it’s going to be tender for a while and to call her if I need her again. She was thorough in her explaining how to treat myself with alternating ice and heat and how to stretch at home without exacerbating the issue. She also put on my tens unit for me before I left the office because there was no way I’d be able to get that on by myself. I am so thankful for her right now. Will continue to recommend her to family and friends.Nicole G. 12/8/2015
I like how Jessica is also wanting to help me get healthy. She is very knowledgeable. Thank YouSusan R 11/3/15
I went in for a tune up this morning, and after a few minutes of careful manipulation, my joints were all back where they belonged and I felt great. Much thanks to Dr. Heidi for keeping me going!Bob D 10/28/15
Dr. Heidi is the BEST!!!Emily B 10/21/15
Its always such a pleasurable experience when I come in. Thank you for making me feel good from the inside out 🙂Delia C 9/4/15
Another great visit. Dr.Heidi helps me more than any Neurologist or Pain management Doc has.Kevin G 8/13/15
Everything was right! Perfect as usual. Stephanie and Heidi are the best.Joe D 8/7/15
Been visiting Dr. Heidi for the last few months. Feeling great! Thanks!Jim G 7/31/15
“Dr. Heidi , I want to thank you so much . One visit with you and my pain is so much better. I know, I need more treatments but since 2002 M.D.s have told me . You will get no better . You need to learn to deal with your pain. Nothing more I can . Here is another pill. You just go with the flow and do your best. NO WAY! They were so very wrong. Kelly M recommended you . I have known her since we were kids . I told her Kelly, please it is what it is . She insisted . I said okay, I will try it. I feel it is not only the best thing I have done for my body since 2002 . With less pain , I think a few other things will fall into place. Thank you again Kevin 7/30/15