Athletes today, both professionals and amateurs, are constantly discovering the benefits of chiropractic. You can, too!

The role of the chiropractor in respect to athletic performance is fourfold:

  • General tune-ups
  • Nutrition
  • Conditioning programs
  • Injury care

Studies Show

Chiropractic Has Positive Effects on Athletic Ability

In a 1991 issue of Chiropractic: The Journal of Chiropractic Research and Clinical Investigation, a study shows that chiropractic enhances athletic performance. Fifty athletes were tested – 25 receiving chiropractic care. After 12 weeks, those receiving chiropractic improved 30% in balance, kinesthetic perception, power and reaction time.

So, what is it that athletes understand about chiropractic that most people do not understand? They understand the concept of wellness. They realize that wellness isn’t about how you feel. They are aware that you can feel fine and still be unhealthy.

Athletes look at their body the way a mechanic looks at a car. Proper preventive maintenance will keep the car running smoothly. Oil changes and tune-ups, even when the car seems to be running perfectly, prevents larger problems from happening later on. No one wants to find out that they’ve blown an engine! Athletes do not wait until they are sick or injured to begin taking care of their bodies. They fine-tune their body at every opportunity. This is the idea of wellness and they realize that the best form of wellness care for fine-tuning is chiropractic.